Ritz Renovation, Inc.
Ritz Renovation, Inc.
Ritz Renovation, Inc.
Ritz Renovation, Inc.
Ritz Renovation, Inc.

Founded in 2016, Ritz Renovation, Inc. has rapidly gained a stellar reputation in the Staten Island community for its integrity and commitment to excellence.

A fully licensed and insured, home improvement company, Ritz Renovation, Inc. provides repair, remodeling, and restoration services on all parts of Staten Island.​​ Using his proven process, the owner Steven Pustylnik, methodically approaches every single project with the utmost respect to the client and attention to detail.  Steven is present on every single job, ensuring his process is followed and the job is done right, on time and within budget.

No-Mess Promise

The job site is kept clean

& we get rid of the trash.

Commitment to Deadlines

The project begins & ends

when promised.


When I opened Ritz Renovation, Inc. the goal was to become the best contractor on Staten Island.  My father always said if you're going to do something be the best at it.  He was the best barber in Brooklyn for many years and my mother followed his advice and became the best manicurist.  I have a type-A personality and do everything 120 percent.  To understand what made someone a "good" contractor I did a lot of research by reading the negative reviews of local contractors.  I wanted to understand what clients were expecting and what made them upset.  I realized that while some of us do better work than others the complaints weren't about the quality of the work.  Usually it was the experience that made a client leave a negative review; not the work itself. When you hire my company not only will you get the highest quality work product but we also deliver a world class experience from the moment you call us to get a consultation.  

Do you know how many times I've heard from a client at least I showed up?  They made other appointments and nobody showed up. I earnestly believe that most contractors are good people and not looking to waste anyone's time or take advantage of them but lets be honest, while they can be amazing craftsmen they are not necessarily good businessmen.  And that's why they get a bad reputation.  That's where Ritz Renovation separates itself from the competition.  We have systems and processes that enable us to be consistent, to provide outstanding results each and every time, and an amazing experience.  The proof is in the pudding - my company relies solely on reviews, recommendations, word of mouth, referrals, repeat clients, and our rockstar reputation! We spend ZERO dollars on advertising. 


I promise to deliver the best possible experience by going above and beyond at every stage of the project. We will keep you fully informed of what's happening and what the next steps are.  When you hire my company you get my vetted network of professionals and specialty contractors to assist with all the various parts ensuring the job is well coordinated all under one roof by one company.  Whether we are remodeling your bathroom or your entire house I will give you my heart and soul because my team loves what we do  - its a job requirement -  and its such a rewarding experience for me when our clients thank us for our hard work, compliment us on our amazing abilities, and tell others that we are the best.

Yours Truly, Steve  

"The craftsmanship that he puts into his work is nothing short of amazing."

Howie G. via Yelp



Peace of Mind

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20 Elise Court, Staten Island


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Ritz Renovation, Inc. relies solely on word of mouth, referrals, recommendations, and reviews.
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