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Mission Statement

To become the premier contracting company,
we take immense pride in our craftsmanship,
remain committed to continuous improvement,
consistently go above and beyond,
and never shy away from challenges.


My company, Ritz Renovation, draws its name from a place steeped in family history - my dad's beauty salon, Ritz Look. It was where I spent my weekends as a child, a place where I observed the art of transformation in the form of hair and beauty.


When my dad chose the name, he had a special inspiration - the iconic song "Puttin' on the Ritz" by Fred Astaire. The phrase itself conjures images of elegance and style, a celebration of life's finer things, and the desire to bask in sophistication and luxury.


While my dad taught me many things, being handy was not his forte; that role belonged to my stepfather, a master electrician, carpenter, and mechanic. These two remarkable men, who raised me, have left an indelible mark on my life and work, and I carry their legacy in everything I do.


I've always loved with working with my hands.


As a child, I was the one who would disassemble my bike just to put it back together, a tinkerer who would salvage old bikes and scooters, piecing them together to create entirely new rides.   My official journey into the world of construction began at the age of 14 years when I helped my stepfather finish the basement in our Brooklyn home. I found connecting wires, welding pipes, laying tiles, and hanging drywall to be exhilarating even though it was demanding and dangerous.  I can’t forget the time I accidentally cut off the tip of my left thumb while cutting drywall, a lesson learned the hard way.   Yet, it was during these formative years that I fell head over heels for the trades. My stepfather became my mentor, and together, we undertook numerous projects around our home. We transformed the garage into a cozy living room, constructed a magnificent three-story deck complete with a hot tub and koi pond, and we even knocked down a supporting wall to create an expansive open layout.   At 19, I made a pivotal decision - I chose not to pursue college and instead partnered with my stepfather to venture into kitchen construction. We set up shop in our basement and successfully completed several projects. However, one fateful day, tragedy struck when my stepfather caught three of his fingers on a table saw blade. I rushed him to the emergency room, and while he didn't lose his fingers, the damage was significant and took a considerable amount of time to heal.   Faced with this life-altering event, I pursued a different path, and attended college while working as a handyman. I majored in accounting, business, management, and finance, all alongside my wife. We both worked full-time during the day and attended college in the evenings.   I had no intention of being a contractor.  In fact, I aspired to become a lawyer to work more with my head and less with my hands.  Despite my ambitions, fate had different plans. After running a financial firm and briefly practicing law, I experienced an undeniable pull towards my true passion - home improvement.

The Birth of Ritz Renovation

In 2016, I found myself taking a leap into the construction world, founding Ritz Renovation. The decision marked the beginning of a quest to become the best contractor on Staten Island, a pursuit fueled by my father's belief that if you're going to undertake something, be the best at it.


What sets Ritz Renovation apart is our unwavering commitment to proven systems and processes that ensure a consistently exceptional experience and outstanding results on every project.


The proof is in the pudding -  I rely solely on reviews, recommendations, word of mouth, referrals, repeat clients, and our rock-solid reputation –


I spend ZERO dollars on advertising.



Despite having over 25 years of experience, professional development is a cornerstone of my journey so I actively participate in numerous industry events each year, attending conferences, seminars, and trade shows related to my field. These gatherings keep me updated on industry trends, emerging technologies, and best practices, ensuring that I remain at the forefront of my industry and can offer my clients the latest knowledge and products in my area of expertise.   Moreover, my commitment extends to actively participating as a General Member and the Treasurer of the Home Improvement Contractors Association of Staten Island. I am deeply involved in the education and professional development of the residential remodeling industry, ensuring that I give back to the community that has been instrumental in my journey.   Engaging in work that aligns with my passion allows me to enhance the quality of people's homes, ultimately contributing to a better quality of life for them. I become an integral part of their homes and lives, ensuring that every project I undertake is a reflection of the trust placed in me.   When you choose Ritz Renovation, you're not just hiring me - you're gaining access to my vetted network of professionals and specialty contractors who ensure that every aspect of your project is coordinated and executed flawlessly by a single, dedicated company.   I deeply value your time and trust, and when I step into your home, I treat it with the utmost respect while delivering the signature Ritz Renovation experience. The satisfaction of our clients, their appreciation for our hard work, and their compliments on our exceptional abilities are immensely rewarding to me. I take pride in knowing that we're regarded as the best in our field and am excited to continue this remarkable journey of transforming spaces and enriching lives through Ritz Renovation.

Yours Truly, 
Steven Pustylnik


What Our Customers Are Saying

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