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What kind of grout do I need, Sanded, or Non-Sanded?

While contractors typically provide the building materials, clients client to choose their own tiles for a project. I advise my clients to choose the grout when getting the tile so they can make that important decision at the same time they choose the tile.

I get this question all the time: Steve, what kind of grout do I need, Sanded, or Non-Sanded?

General Rule of Thumb:

Sanded grout is for the floor (larger grout lines)

Unsanded Grout is for the wall (smaller grout lines)

Steve, is there an easier ALL-IN-ONE grout? YES!!!

There's a rapid curing, premium grade, stain resistant grout made by Bostik that is designed to be used for both the floor and walls. Other companies make similar products.

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